Reliquary Sword

An ancient sword, powered by faith

weapon (melee)

Reliquary Sword

Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10+2 R
Penetration: 3
Special: Balanced, Best Crafted, Blade of Willpower, Sanctified
Weight: 1kg

Special qualities:

Balanced: +10 to parry

Best Crafted: +10 to attacks

Blade of Willpower: The Reliquary Sword’s blade is a manifestation of the user’s faith in the God Emperor. A challenging (+0) willpower test is required to materialize the blade of the Reliquary Sword. For each degree of success, +1 damage and +1 penetration are added


Physical Description

The Reliquary sword is an ornate silver sword handle that lacks a blade. The weapon’s hilt contains a complex power matrix that focuses the wielder’s faith into a physical weapon. When manifested the blade ignites as a beam of blue energy that is then wrapped in a gleaming silver material, forming a physical blade. The specific shape of the blade is decided unconsciously by the user and thus may appear differently in the hands of different wielders. The grip is fashioned from a light weight, heat resistant metal alloy and wrapped in cured leather strips. The cross guard is formed from the same alloy as the grip and shaped as an Inquisitorial Rosette. At the end of the handle is a skull shaped weighted pommel with a large red ruby embedded into it’s open mouth. In addition the pommel was created from a higher density alloy and can be utilized as an improvised weapon if the user is unable to create a blade.


The Reliquary blade is a weapon of legend that is wielded by an Ancient Inquisitor of Mara. It is described in numerous stories and myths and goes by many names such as The Blade of Will, The Sword of Faith, and Dragonbane. Legend has it that the Reliquary Sword was a holy weapon made from pure light that was wielded by the Inquisitor Adam Galion, the Protector of Mara. An ancient scroll details that Inquisitor Galion forged the Reliquary Sword from a beam of light, to slay a menacing dragon. He pierced the dragon’s heart with the blade and sealed away it’s great fury, however the blade was lost as the dragon fell into the ocean.

Reliquary Sword

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