Cobalt's Coat

A high quality deep blue coat.


Cobalt’s Coat

Armor Type: Primitive
Locations Covered: Arms, Body
AP: 2
Weight: 4kg
Special: Best Crafted, Cold Resistant, Fire Retardant, Concealed Cavity

Special Qualities:

Cold Resistant: The inside layer of the coat is lined with a high quality synthetic fiberfill and simple wire heating technology. The wearer gains a +10 bonus when making a test to resist cold.

Fire Retardant: The outside layer of the coat has been infused with a covering of aluminum hydroxide and alumina. This covering improves the coat’s resistance to fire and heat. The wearer gains a +10 bonus when making a test to put out fires.

Concealed Cavity: The coat’s primary pockets on the outside contain a secret compartment that can conceal a small or thin object.


Cobalt’s Coat is a high collar captain’s coat that was iconically worn by Inquisitor Cobalt before being passed on to The Acolytes. The coat is a blend of function and fashion. It is made from high quality Grox leather by artisans on Maximo and contains a multitude of unique features. The coat is dyed a vibrant blue and adorned with intricate carvings of historic Maximian history. The backing also prominently displays a variant image of the Inquisitorial Rosette, signifying an association with the Inquisition and specifically Inquisitor Cobalt’s crew. The inner workings of the coat contain a multitude of physical and electronic enhancements that include cold and heat resistance and a pair of concealed cavities. The coat contains a surprising number of inner pockets, one within each sleeve, two breast pockets, and two more opposite the proper outer pockets. Each pocket varies in size but are made from a thinner synthetic material that can stretch and is water proof.

Cobalt's Coat

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