Wrax Grim

A Skinless Arbitrater, a culinary scholar, a family man, Warx Grim.


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Skills and Talents


Grim Log 001.1a
I have graduated the Arbites Academe on my home world of excommunicated. From here on out I will be sent to wherever the Imperium needs me. It is a glorious day.

Grim Log 001.2a
I have been deployed to the world of excommunicated under the orders of excommunicated. The squad i have been assigned to has been investigating the existence of the Cult of Heresy. Withing twelve hours after being deployed we found a group of cultists, they were startlingly bold in their actions. The lack of subtly proves the direness of the situation, they are close to the completion of their goals. Emperor help us.

Grim Log 004.6f
The squad has lost several members in the last confrontation. I am greatly saddens over the lost of squad mate Olivia, she had so much potential. The squad is in pursuit of the Leader of the cult. Vengeance will be mine!

Grim Log 009.7g
This world is finally safe, yet the cost was high… Too high. The only positive about this situation was the promotion i received and the opportunity to work in the Inquisition.

Grim Log 053.9b

Wrax Grim

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