Jembaya Manjin

Witch Doctor (Adept) with a Jamaican accent


Jembaya Manjin was an underground Witch Doctor on an imperial planet. His practices were often seen as interesting, out of the normal, or by some standards, scary or even extreme. Though his ways were not recognized by the common folk as socially acceptable, they worked. He did not advertise his services in fear of getting in trouble with the law, due to having no ‘official’ medical degree or license to perform medical duties on citizens. Even though he did not advertise, he started to gain a reputation within the city. The people who weren’t able to afford the big fancy medical treatment they needed started to hear of the strange witch doctor who would treat patients in exchange for minimal payments, or whatever he deemed necessary for the treatment in question. He was becoming a popular man. Too popular. Stories of the Witch Doctor started to spread farther than the poor. The stories finally reached the ears of the higher class citizens, the more ‘renown’ medical professionals, and the law. He was forced to keep moving around from place to place. He had no living family left to speak of. He only had his personal items and his unconventional medical equipment. Not even some of his patients would take him in, due to the risk of housing a so-called criminal like Jembaya. He was starting to run out of reliable places to set up shop. An inquisition manhunt happened to be taking place in the city at the time the Witch Doctor was looking for a new place to hide with nowhere to go. The Witch Doctor witnessed a firefight take place between the inquisition and the wanted men. The wanted men were taken out, but a few of the inquisition soldiers ended up being nearly fatally injured in the process of the fight. When the firefight ended, the Witch Doctor couldn’t stand idly by while those men died. He rushed to the men, broke out his kit, and got to work right on the spot. The other members of their group watched while this tribal looking man saved their allies lives as if the wounds were but paper cuts and bruises. The men thanked him, and asked his name. He gathered his things and with a smirk on his face, he simply said “I’m de Doctah”. Then he walked off. About a week later, the Witch Doctor had a visit from an inquisitor. He demanded the Witch Doctor’s services, and offered him wealth, supplies, a crew, and a never ending supply of patients. And so the tales of the Witch Doctor began.

The Witch Doctor believes in The Spirits. The Spirits are like his gods. The Spirits are represented by the elements. The elements being Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Life, and Death. This is another thing that causes him much grief due to many conflicting with his beliefs due to most people worshiping the God Emperor as their one true god.

Jembaya Manjin has no living family or love interests. The things he holds dear are nature, and the Spirits.

Being a Witch Doctor, he loves to use unconventional methods with not only medical procedures, but also with defending himself, when needed. He loves to use chemicals to sway the confrontation in his favor.

Jembaya Manjin

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