“A mans worst writing is done at 3 in the morning.” Nicolas Cage

Officer Lorenzo of the Divisio Immoralis field report 1
I was sent alongside one of the newer members of the Divisio Immoralis to watch his behavior and judge his character. What I witnessed today was quiet disturbing to say the least. We were interrogating a man I had captured not long ago, suspect of spreading corruption. As I began my interrogation my partner stopped me, he told me to stand back. I took a step away and he approached the man who was reluctant to speak. He knelt down in front of him and clasped his hands around the man’s in a comforting manner; I didn’t think this would be the behavior of a man with his stature. Suddenly, I heard a loud scream and a sickening pop I threw my gaze down at his hand which now had one finger snapped in half. I moved to intervene but my “partner” had drawn his pistol and had aimed it at me. I stopped dead in my tracks; he turned his masked face toward me and said one word “stay”. He went back to the man and continued to snap each of his fingers until we had the information we were after. Then, he stood up and shot the man in the chest killing him instantly, and then he turned and walked out of the room without a word. This will begin my continued watch and control of the actions of Arbitrator Chaser.

Officer Lorenzo of the Divisio Immoralis field report 2
After the last incident I scolded Chaser and told him that in order to bring the corruption to light we would need witnesses’ not dead bodies. This calmed his violence for a few weeks until yesterday. We were given a tip that a meeting was taking place in a local park. We believed this meeting would assist in the spread of corruption so in order to investigate we positioned ourselves in a building a few stories above the park. I had been watching the meeting through a pair of magnoculars which had taken all of my attention away from Chaser. I heard two words before his next act of extreme violence, “left eye”. The next thing I saw was a red cloud where the speakers head had been. I dropped my magnoculars and grabbed Chasers rifle snapping the scope off with a single motion. I then scolded him and took his rifle. He just cost us one of our best leads.

Officer Lorenzo of the Divisio Immoralis field report 3
It took two months for the investigation to recover after Chasers last act. I’ve been watching him closer than ever which has caused him to cease violent action. All was going well until earlier today when he took things way over the edge. For a while I thought he was just dimwitted and lacked communicatory abilities but oh how I was wrong. I had narrowed our main suspects down to two men, an ambassador from a nearby system that had been consumed by corruption, and the recently elected Governor of the planet. We had gone to the embassy to ask the ambassador some questions but he was in a meeting. Chaser was tired of waiting and claimed he needed to use the restroom and walked off, unfortunately I thought nothing of it. Three minutes later I heard a gunshot and many screams quickly followed. I rushed into the hall and turned the corner to where the meeting was being held. The two guards standing at the door were in perfect health and let me pass without a word. I flew into the room and saw the ambassador lying dead on the ground. I glared at Chaser and he threw a glance through the visor of his helmet then shook the mayor’s hand and thanked him for his cooperation! HE THANKED HIM AND WALKED OUT! NOW I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY DO THINGS WHERE CHASER USED TO WORK BUT THE WAY I DO THINGS DOESN’T INVOLVE BLASTING THE MAIN SUSPECT IN THE FACE WITH A SAWED OFF SHOTGUN!

Officer Lorenzo of the Divisio Immoralis field report 4
Chaser’s gone. After he killed the ambassador further investigation showed he was in fact the spreader of corruption and the case was closed. Chaser made some comment about me being too much of a coward and that I should learn to shed a little blood. What kind of sane person says that? I guess he went off to join the inquisition with some hope that there wouldn’t be a “stiff” as he called me to try to guide him.


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